Thứ Tư, 29 tháng 7, 2015

Asian -Style Gourmet Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker

Wow! I love this machine! Whoever thought about combining a pressure cooker with basically a small oven was a genius! This is the greatest kitchen gadget I have ever discovered. When I got it out and started to use it I knew I was going to write a review on this great product.

I simply love this concept and design. I can bake bread and cook rice at the same time! I was looking for a best electric pressure cooker and when I found this unique combination I was thoroughly impressed. This is my review of the Asian -Style Gourmet Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker.

What to look for in an Asian -Style Gourmet Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker.
I’m combining the features of these two appliances since this is a two-in-one machine. Here’s what I decided were the most important features:
  • Rice cooker/warmer
  • Bread making
  • Clean up
  • Reheat/keep warm
  • Timer
Will the machine cook my rice properly and keep it warm?

-Yes, it will cook the rice and then keep it warm and ready to use. It will also reheat the rice later.

What kind of bread will the unit make?

- The Asian -Style Gourmet Automatic will bake bread from dough.

Is it difficult to clean the machine?

- The Asian -Style Gourmet Automatic machine is equipped with a special non-stick inner pot.

Is it true it can keep the rice warm, or reheat it if necessary?

- Yes it is absolutely true. It has a special function that will keep the rice warm right after it is finished cooking. And it will also reheat the rice if some time has passed.

Does it have a timer?

- Yes, the Asian -Style Gourmet Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker has a programmable timer that you can set so that your rice and bread can be ready when you want it.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for this Product?

- Most places have it listed for around $140. But we found it a lot less expensive on They have it listed for under one hundred dollars. This is a very good deal for this combination rice cooker/bread machine.

Warning electric pressure cooker!

If you follow the simple steps above, then I think you now know how to cook rice in electric pressure cooker, simple and easy, right??? If you already know how to use a pressure cooker properly and effectively, then you can do more than simply cooking food.

You have prepared the other dishes in a electric pressure cooker as:

- Try to use your electric pressure cooker for oatmeal! 1 cup oatmeal with 2, 5 or 3 cups of water. You can add apple spice cake, dried cherries and pineapple, and vanilla. After cooking, add sliced almonds or peanuts and bananas. This is just one of many dishes that you can use pressure cooker to prepare other dishes more delicious, more nutritious.